Tyson Halford isn't interested in "catching the wave" of the next popular scene. Writing music that moves the soul and invokes emotions is what it's all about. His organic sound is indicative of his upbringing in rural Western North Carolina, however his experience performing and writing music with bands of many different genres around the southeast including rock, country, blues, funk, jazz, and soul make his sound somewhat unpredictable. What you end up with is a southern soaked, guitar riff induced sound with overtones of rock, folk, Americana, blues, and jazz. Heartfelt vocals, well written lyrics, tasteful guitar, and music with feeling are just some of the things Tyson brings to the table as an artist. While writing and recording songs for his upcoming release, he is a guitarist for Atlanta southern rock band Southside of the Tracks. His new single "Take It From Me" is expected to be released in early 2019, followed by an EP, produced by Emanant Music and producer Chas Childers.